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Fast help in urgent emergencies

I offer a quick emergency help for urgent problems.
Contact me by phone, SMS or WhatsApp. I will listen to your concerns and try to recommend further steps.
Depending on the actual urgency and my ability to work at the time you contact me, I usually immediately try to provide a short-term solution.

Usual emergencies are:

Certificate problems

If your SSL/TLS certificate expires, other certificate problems occur, or you have not yet set up a certificate and this becomes necessary at short notice, I can fix the existing problems or set up a new certificate.

PHP version migration

Especially older PHP websites and applications are having an increasingly difficult time, because there is increasingly less compatibility with current PHP versions, while at the same time webhosters terminate the support of old PHP versions.
This can lead to partial or complete failures.
In most cases it is possible to perform short term hotfixes to ensure operation again, until a proper update of the source code has been made.

Other server problems

If you experience other server problems on servers which run have Linux distribution as operating system (e.g. Debian or Ubuntu), I can support you with troubleshooting.
Here, errors often occur in the configuration of the HTTP servers Apache or nginx.
I am usually able to solve problems with smaller docker setups as well.

Please call me directly, text me an SMS or message me via WhatsApp!

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