lilarot GmbH
Owner-managed agency for business solutions in the fields of marketing, communication, events, logistics and facilities from Hamburg
Further development and maintenance of a B2B shop system
November 2018 today



My Tasks:
Main technical person in charge (frontend + backend) for the continuous development through the implementation of new features, among others in the areas of product management, logistics management, accounting, data security, user experience (UX), process automation, process optimisation, client management, system notifications, and much more.

Support in conception and consulting for the mid to long term development of the software solution from a technical and content point of view.

Handling of an evolved system with complex structures and data interrelationships.
Maintaining a deep familiarity with all aspects of the application and an awareness of the sometimes profound consequences of further developments.
Refactoring and optimisation against the background of constantly growing requirements in areas such as data security, performance and user role complexity.