Backend development

Application development

As a PHP developer I implement the logic and data structure for your project, or extend it with new features. Depending on the project and feature I also use other programming languages.

CMS- and framework solutions

I implement suitable solutions adapted to the requirements of your project. These can be CMS solutions (Contao), framework solutions with Symfony, own micro frameworks or other qualified solutions.
As a PHP developer I favor the use of Symfony because of its Flexibility, minimalism, standardization and available components, which allow a fast and clean progression.

Interfaces and integration of external services

I integrate external services via API, or write custom REST interfaces (API), through which external services and frontends can communicate with your application.


There are features that should better be realized as their own standalone application instead of having them integrated in a large monolith. These applications are then addressed via REST-API.
Microservices are usually quickly built, easy to test, easy to maintain and are suitable for scaling at high load. It might also be possible to reuse a service for several projects.

Containerization with Docker

I usually implement backend applications with a corresponding docker setup. The containerization of the software has several advantages, such as more control over code dependencies and their versions, the ability to deploy them into cluster infrastructures, better credential and configuration management, aswell as easier scalability.

Custom solutions with Symfony

For long-term web projects that want to grow and scale reliably and future-proof with increasing requirements, the open-source framework Symfony is at the forefront of the PHP world.
From a small web presence to enterprise solutions, everything is possible here - individually tailored to your needs.

Have your business processes mapped in a web application tailored to your field of activity and benefit from the potentials of process automation, the visualisation of complex data and the availability of your application via the web, which is not bound to specific workplaces.

The modular, component-based structure of the framework allows the application to be built both very leanly and very specifically, without having to make architectural decisions that would stand in the way of future growth.
The basic technical frame can be realised quickly and thus cost-saving by using the available high-quality components. The community-driven development of the Symfony base components ensures the timely provision of security updates, among other things.

If you would like to know whether your application can be realised by me in Symfony, or if you have any other questions on the subject, please feel free to contact me directly:

Conceptual classification

The backend (short "BE") comprises, in contrast to the frontend ("FE"), all software components necessary for data acquisition and processing. This covers the data structure, which is represented e.g. in data bases, algorithms for the processing of data and interfaces for communication with other programs.


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