Analysis and consulting

Analysis & consulting

Depending on the nature of your project or problem, I will consult you in order to provide an adequate short, medium and long-term perspective for your further planning. The consultation is preceded by a detailed analysis of your current situation and the desired situation, if already defined by you.

For existing systems I examine the current implementations for critical key criteria. These include the type of the solution, the extendibility and the up-to-dateness of the software used. Existing server infrastructures must also be considered in this context.

The aim is to determine the frame and, if necessary, the compromises in which an existing solution can be extended, repaired, or continued to operate at all.

Experience shows that problems may occur with systems which have not been maintained or updated for more than 3 years.

For new projects I will point out possible technical solutions. I will advise you on the design of your infrastructure, taking into account the requirements of the project. According to these I will recommend a CMS or custom solution, along with the advantages and disadvantages associated with it. This includes topics such as Scalability, upgradeability, stability of the solution's core development team and other important information per solution option.

Analysis & consulting
  • Strategic technical consulting
  • Analysis of existing projects & structures
  • Complexity analyses & budget planning
  • Analysis of workflows
  • Consulting for team building

I do not offer consulting in the fields of marketing, SEO and eCommerce. I would be happy to find you competent partners in these fields.

On site

For larger projects, or for fast solutions in urgent cases, it is often important to have your technical contact person on site. My experiences have shown that a personal face-to-face interaction will improve the overall quality of output across the team, in a way that is not possible via phone or e-mail alone.

  • Use in agencies or on site at the customer
  • Bookable over a period of up to three months on site
  • Berlin and Hamburg
  • Good on site experiences

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