Store for dance shoes and dance supplies in Hamburg
  • Two stores in Hamburg
  • Specialist for dance shoes, ballet, flamenco, dance wear, leisure wear
  • Online store
  • Present with stands at dance events, fairs and festivals throughout Germany
Consulting and preparations in the context of an upcoming complete relaunch of the online store and MMS including POS.
March 2017 March 2019


Atlassian JIRA Atlassian Confluence Shopware5

My tasks:
Research and evaluation of merchandise management systems (MMS) with compatibility to Shopware5 and strong support of POS solutions. Analysis of the corporate IT infrastructure, short-term support measures and long-term planning of infrastructure conversion and expansion.

Breakdown of critical business processes and identification of risks and potentials. Development of milestones with appropriate measures and budgets. Sorting of the MMS research results according to a complex catalog of criteria for the identification of solutions with high coverage between the critical components MMS, POS and online store against the background of existing business processes that are to be retained.

Relaunch online store
January 2018 July 2019


HTML CSS JavaScript PHP SQL Sass Grunt Phing jQuery Smarty Docker Apache2 Ubuntu Ansible Atlassian JIRA Atlassian Confluence Atlassian Bitbucket Shopware5 Shell-Scripting

My tasks:
Design and implementation of a new online store with Shopware5. This includes setup, design development, theme creation, installation of third party plugins, configuration, development of custom plugins, server setup, deployment.

Development of an emotionally appealing store design in close cooperation with the customer.